Who Sang Lead On The Orignal Flat And Scruggs Salty Dog Blues

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Henry S. Miller, a Chicagoan was a very popular composer during this time, Recordings on File by: Michael Cooney, Flatt & Scruggs, David Johnson, Pete Seeger. His original sources, African American folk singers of Virginia, were not listed.". “Salty Dog Blues” is another example of an African American blues.

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. original fiddle on "Pike County Breakdown" and vocalist on "Salty Dog Blues" with Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs) and later study with several other instructors.

White New Orleans classical composer Antonio Maggio hears an itinerant musician on a levee. That same year, he records “Salty Dog Blues,” later to become a Country standard, recorded by Flatt & Scruggs, Johnny Cash, and others. His artists are encouraged to record prolifically and to write original songs that he can.

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Composer: Rupert Jones / Bill Monroe? Pike County Breakdown is an instrumental that was performed by the Wildwood. Single (Pike County Breakdown / Old Salty Dog Blues), Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs & the Foggy Mountain Boys, 1952. The Original Sound of Flatt and Scruggs, Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs & The Foggy.

Complete song listing of Flatt & Scruggs on OLDIES.com. All Roads Lead To You; 20.I Wanna Dance With You. Foggy Mountain Sound of 50 Original Bluegrass Classics. Released in 2013. Old Salty Dog Blues; 12.Ground Speed ; 13.

Flatt and Scruggs, 1964, ‘Flint Hill Special’: ‘In October 1954 Scruggs introduced still another affecting technique that added further to his reputation as a master musician. On ‘Earl’s Breakdown’ he adjusted his tuning pegs at various intervals in the song to move from one key to another and then back to the original.

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Flatt & Scruggs – Legend Of The Johnson Boys lyrics Ballad Of Jed Clampett · He Took Your Place · Big Spike Hammer · Joy Bells Ringing In My Soul · Salty Dog Blues · On My Mind ·.

folk songs his whole life, but also sang in classical settings, choirs, and even an opera. Recordings on file by: Michael Cooney, Flatt & Scruggs, David Johnson , Pete Seeger. Recordings on file by: Burl Ives, Lead Belly, Pete Seeger, Various artists.. “Salty Dog Blues” is another example of an African American blues.

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[C] Standing on the corner with the low down blues [D7] Great big hole in the bottom of my shoes [G7] Honey let me be your Salty [C] Dog.

One of the all-time bluegrass favorites is the song Salty Dog. that Flatt & Scruggs recorded the song in 1950 for Mercury as "Old Salty Dog Blues" sung by. Under the title “Old Salty Dog Blues”, the lead singer was fiddler Benny Sims for this.

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Editorial Reviews. In what basically amounts to a reissue of 1992’s similarly titled Complete Mercury Sessions, Universal’s Complete Mercury Recordings has improved upon the original by putting the songs in chronological order and including terrific liner notes by folk historian Mary Katherine Aldin.While both Flatt & Scruggs releases include the early classics "Foggy Mountain Breakdown.

Jan 26, 2012. Though most of the modern bluegrass versions of "Salty Dog Blues" can be traced to the. Flatt and Scruggs recorded "Salty Dog" in the studio several times. the lead instead of guitarist Flatt, who is featured in the previous video:. 12 string riff on I&S's original "You Were On My Mind") on the first banjo,

"Salty Dog Blues" is an early 1900s folk song. It is in the public domain. It has been recorded by. Curly Seckler, who played with Flatt and Scruggs and with Charlie Monroe, was. The original meaning of the term "Salty Dog" comes from the archaic practice of. "Papa Charlie Jackson: The First Popular Male Blues Singer".

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Flatt & Scruggs’s albums: Listen to albums by Flatt & Scruggs on Myspace, Stream Free Online Music by Flatt & Scruggs. Old Salty Dog Blues. Flatt & Scruggs. 2:31. Jimmie Brown the Newsboy. Flatt & Scruggs. 2:40. Somehow Tonight. Flatt & Scruggs. 2:50. Don’t Get Above Your Raising. Flatt & Scruggs.

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The Essential Clarence White Bluegrass Guitar Leads. $34.95 +. Roll On Buddy Roses In The Snow Roving Gambler Salty Dog Satan's Jewel Crown *

As we rolled down the highway, we played Flatt & Scruggs on the cassette. status as one of the first women to lead a bluegrass band earned me a spot in some feminist lecture series), and I sang.

Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for The Complete Mercury Recordings – Flatt & Scruggs, Lester Flatt on AllMusic – 2003 – In.

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The lead-in below can be heard at the beginning of Earl's Breakdown (“The. most banjo players don't realize the tune originally was, and is, performed in A by. Scruggs wrote many songs where everyone knows the tune after hearing the first. The following lick can be heard in Salty Dog and throughout the back-up for.

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Flatt and Monroe had interviewed several banjo players after String gave his notice. who was already at the station, to play guitar and sing lead with them at the. Mountain Breakdown,” “Old Salty Dog Blues,” “Farewell Blues,” “Head Over. early-morning radio broadcast where they performed until September 1954.

“Leading the Nashville Grass was the best time of my career. During the busiest days of working with Flatt & Scruggs, Curly would only have time to shave “on.

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As a performer, teacher, writer, and composer, he brings a deep knowledge, Earl played it on the Flatt and Scruggs' recording of “Salty Dog Blues” as well as. Bill Emerson is the banjo player on the original recording and Jim Mills has.

Apr 27, 2010  · There is an album that features mostly guitar playing, but it is Earl doing the Carter style lead picking not Lester, there is also autoharp on some of the songs (mother maybelle?) dont know the details of who was playing that. ive got it on a homemade cassette that I have had for years and I still love it. songs like – you are my flower, Jimmy brown the newsboy, Carters blues, storms are on.

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Apr 17, 2017. Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs, and the Foggy Mountain Boys were an. Mountain Breakdown,” “Old Salty Dog Blues,” “Doin' My Time,” and “Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms.”. a lead tenor, as had been the case when he sang with Bill Monroe. After Flatt and Scruggs performed their original song “Pearl, Pearl,

Apr 23, 2018  · Salty Dog Blues Shuckin’ The Corn Steel Rails Turkey In The Straw We’ll Meet Again Sweetheart Whiskey Before Breakfast Why Don’t You Tell Me So Wildwood Flower Wreck Of The Old ’97 X-Hits And B-List Songs Of 2016 X Music Theory X New Song List 2018 X- Song List 2018 X-Songs Of The Week Of 2017 X- The Mercury Sessions X-The Original And Great.